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Welcome to Vegas Golf

Anya made a hole in one yesterday and Facebook is mad because she just started playing in October. I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been playing without an ace. My game is on the way up, though. Yesterday, I hit my longest drive of ever – 315 yards on the last at Eagle Crest. I’m really not that long, but crushed one and it rolled down a big hill. Still,  I got the feels  because I’m hitting it longer at 50 than I did at 30, and I’m pain free.  I’d have be more excited it, but my rookie wife canned one off the second tee and spent the rest of the round encouraging me to do the same.

“Come on.” she said at every tee. “Now it’s your turn.”

Anya on the tee at Eagle Crest

Eagle Crest is a great course for a newbie like Anya, but it’s fun for veteran golfers, too.  It’s a par 60 – with par 4’s that let you get the driver out, and three sets of tees. Best thing about the course is the view. Sitting up there on the 18th tee box looking out over the Vegas skyline… you can’t help but crush your drive.

We moved to Vegas from Kyiv, Ukraine at the end of September, stayed on the south end of The Strip for a week, and moved into our Summerlin home on Oct 1st. We just missed the tragic music festival slaughter by a few hours, and it was heartbreaking and stunning as we’d been rubbing elbows with the festival crowd all weekend. What a start to our new lives..Still, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

Arriving in Vegas, Sept 2017

I teach golf fitness and I’m certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. I work at a country club and teach some golf fit classes around town. I trained in SF and then LA, before I moved to Kyiv and eventually Vegas.  The greatest moment of my golf fitness career came while training a businessman who played in a big cash game every Sunday. He came in on Monday morning and said, “The guys in my foursome accused me of being on steroids.” 

While living abroad, I couldn’t play much, but I coached football and wrote golf articles for a fantasy sports company. The writing job required me to follow every tour on TV. I remember watching a PGA event in Vegas while sitting in an office building in snowy Kyiv . It really sucked to work in golf and not be able to play. Today, I live 5 minutes from TPC Summerlin and I can golf year round. This is surreal.

Birdie putt in February

Anya is waiting for her Green Card, and without a job to fill her time, she’s working on her game.  She converted our guest bedroom into a chipping green and there’s a weighted club in there, some yoga mats. Didn’t expect that. We met and married in a golf free zone, and I figured she’d hate the game. Yesterday she posted a 6 over 36 on the front nine, including that ace. She is obsessed with Lexi Thompson. 

When we got to America, we bought Anya women’s starter set. That didn’t really work out.  Now she uses my old Taylor Made driver and a used set of irons. I got fit with the complete Callaway shmear and for the first time in my life, every stick in my bag is legit. 

It’s not just the clubs, though. We’ve been hitting the gym like late 90’s baseballers and doing all the TPI stuff. TPI HQ in Oceanside is out of control. Absolute heaven for a gym rat golf degenerate like myself. I had my swing analyzed, my functional movement checked, and I got a whole library of exercises to fix any conceivable flaw. I geeked out the whole weekend and now I can’t stop. That was in January. 

TPI – golf fitness heaven

I watched some videos of my swing from yesterday. It looks like I’m not swinging as hard as I used to, but the ball is going farther… Anya aced the second hole. I feel fine after years of chronic pain. How did I get here? Well, keep reading and I will share all.  

My job is to share my passion for golf and fitness with my students. If you love golf, want to play better and without pain, or if you visit Las Vegas and want to keep up with the golf scene here, this blog is for you. If you just want to read the ramblings of a golf lunatic because you get it, welcome to VegasGolf.Blog.


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